why simple

hi there! i am so glad you stopped by. i am a "busy at home" mom of 2 fabulous daughters and wife to 1 super cute man. i am addicted to post-its, love mcdonalds cokes, am a bit dramatic, am the only one in the house that can fold a towel the right way, love making lists, then love making lists of the lists i am going to make, still get butterflies when my husband walks into the room, believe that every person is valuable, cheesy gossip magazines are my guilty pleasure, still totally use 80's slang, believes one person can make a difference in the world, still likes a warm summer afternoon doing sidewalk chalk with our little girl. i am trying to take on this role of homemaker serious. i'm trying to unclutter not only my home but life in general. i want to keep it simple everyday from cleaning to cooking to decorating and more. so grab your cup of coffee or in my case, a diet coke and hopefully you find a helpful hint or maybe just a giggle at the quirkiness, mishaps and silliness that this road to figuring out "less is more" takes our family on. 

but why "simple living everyday"?

at the end of the day what does everyone want for their family? 
to be happy & healthy

and because i want more! 
more time with our family, more time to do things i want to do, more time with friends, more time being happy, more time to volunteer

we are forever getting hit in every direction to have more, get more, buy more, spend more, make more...

i am saying no...
now don't get me wrong i am not trying to say what the right way is or wrong way I am simply wanting to...

make memories