Wednesday, June 15, 2011

simple diy: chip clips

supplies needed:
glue gun ($3 @ walmart)
clothes pins ($1 for 50 @ walmart)
craft paint ($0.33 each @ michaels craft store)
paint brushes ($1 @ dollar tree)
wooden craft flowers ($0.25 each @ michaels craft store)

paint the base color on the wooden craft flowers & any little extra doo-dads you wanna add.

paint some snazzy little designs on the flowers.
i love polka dots so they kinda have to be on every little there such thing as a polka dot fetish?

attach your little doo-dads with hot glue.

once the paint is dry put a bead of hot glue on the clothes pin and press the painted flower to it.

and there you go...some super cute, personalized chip clips.

i think these are great to attach to a kid's birthday gift, also glue a magnet onto the back of the clothespin and you could have a picture clip for the next piece of refrigerator art!

honestly you could change these up so many ways!

simple & fun

 have the kids help design their own for a little summer dig!

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