Wednesday, June 15, 2011

simple diy: kitchen herbs

herbs can be so pricey at the store so by putting a few pots in your kitchen you can not only have fresh organic herbs at your fingertips that saves you a bundle and is healthier but you are adding super cute decor to your kitchen and no joke the smell is amazing.

healthy goodness!
and how much easier can you get than by growing them in your own kitchen!

i bought clay pots @ michaels craft store for $0.80 each
the plants were a bit pricey at $3.23 each

believe me i will save 20 times that by having these little babies in my kitchen!

i sprayed the pots black (found spray paint in the garage) and used a paint marker (from christmas crafts) to label each pot.

so for under $15 you have fresh herbs!

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