Monday, June 20, 2011

simple life: soap making

here are a few pictures of some soaps i have been working on ... 



    These look awesome (the soaps)! I'm slowly purchasing the items to make the lip balm you posted a while back...I can't keep up with you and you have more kids than me!!! haha.

    I love you're new format and theme. This blog is different than any other blog I frequent. I added it to my favorites on my toolbar and look forward to checking it out daily!

    I have tried to post comments letting you know that I like it, but I have had some issues lately. I wish there were an easier way to post comments on your blog. It usually takes me a good five minutes to post something. Is there a way to post without signing in and doing the captcha? I normally write from my phone and it really is difficult sometimes. I was thinking that others probably have that problem, too, and that may be why there aren't as many comments (because we all know it's not the awesome content:)
    If there is no other way, it doesn't matter...your site is worth it;)
    Thanks for all your creative thoughts and hard work. I love your sites more than you know!

  2. Ahh, thanks for putting anonymous back on here...I don't know why my google account is no longer working.

  3. This is Amber by the way. Oh, I love this new way to post SO MUCH BETTER!!! Thanks!

  4. I thought the soap was cheese at first. It made me want to go get a stick of cheese out of the fridge. Then I realized it was soap. The soap looks awesome. I need to get some of these bars from you.

  5. Lovely soaps! The ones on the top of the cake platter look like desserts! I didn't think it was cheese, but thanks to Jody ^^ I will be getting a stick out of MY fridge! ;)

    I found your blog on a MO group, I am in St. Louis.