Wednesday, June 15, 2011

simple money savers: 10 way to save gas $

with gas being $4 a gallon...enough said!
here are some helpful hints to save you @ the pump...

1. air it up!
make sure your tires are inflated correctly. tire pressure is important to gas mileage.

2. got junk in your trunk?
having extra pounds of junk in your trunk can burn up the gas, so clean out that car.

3. got a lead foot?
stick to driving the speed limit. driving over the speed limit does take a toll on your gas mileage.

4. got spark?
replace your spark plugs regularly because this can also cause you to use more gas.

5. hot momma?
if you're just driving across town leave the air conditioner off. believe me you're not going to melt.

6. get in & get gone!
before you start your car make sure you have what you need (hag bag, sunglasses, drink etc) so you don't leave it running idle while you run inside 3 times because you forgot something.

7. shade tree where art thou?
if your able to, park in the shade so your car doesn't heat up as fast and take longer to cool down.

8. fill 'er up!
if you're able to, fill up your car so you don't make extra trips to the pump.

9. these boots were made for walkin'!
if you live in an area that you can walk, then girl get out there and work it! if you live a block or two from the grocery store then don't drive to get that loaf of bread, just walk it. 

10. hitch a ride!
if you have a friend or neighbor that is driving to walmart or wherever then just tag along. and if you have a coworker near you trade off driving days.

most important tip:

put off today what you can do tomorrow!
if you know that you have an appointment the next day then put off your errands for the next day. consolidate those trips so your on the go everyday burning up that liquid gold gas. make every trip worth it!

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