Thursday, June 16, 2011

simple weekly shopping list: 6/5/2011

i use price matching & coupons paired with fabulous sales to get the best bang for my buck! i generally just go to walmart to save time and because they have a great coupon/price matching policy.
(this is my grocery list for the week)

price match to aldi's
sweet onions $0.30/lb

price match to frick's
ronzoni garden delight pasta $0.99 ($1 coupon in the 5/15 ss)

the rest of the list not price matched...

marketside organic salad $5.98
milk $3.68
tomato plant $9.96
eggland's best organic eggs $3.29 ($0.50 coupon in the 5/1 ss)

(i know it seems like i don't buy a lot, but i stock up on things when they are really @ a great price, so since this week was a so-so week we will be eating from the pantry & freezer)

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